Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well Hello!!

So...I know it's been like ohh six months not writing but lets be honest I never was much of a dedicated writer anyway. It's kind of like Facebook in the sense that if I don't have anything amazing to write, I won't write anything at all. I save the mopey stuff for my written diary. Anyway, the reason I am writing is because I am doing something me anyway. My friend Mallory was doing this 5K Turkey Trot (on thanksgiving :)) and asked if me and my hubs would want to join. Honestly it didn't take much pulling my arm. I like to do group stuff and I don't mind running It's just really hard for me to get motivated but once I start, I am fine. However, this will be my first actual run! My hubs started getting all crazy like ohh we got to get out there and run like 10 miles to prepare. I'm like whoa! this is my first run, I KNOW I won't even run the whole way because I never run the whole way. I already know I will be doing a run/walk. So the first prep run I went out with my husband, BIG mistake, HUGE (name that movie :)) and it was awful, because he is an awful running partner, at least right now anyway. He's the type of person who needs to be the best and smartest at everything and if he's not he gets an attitude about it. So he trotted the whole way and I think I stopped to walk three times and we did almost 3 mi. I thought hey! this isn't too bad I just have to condition myself. The next run I went by myself and what a difference! I ran so much longer and only stopped two brief times. I finished strong and didn't feel as if I couldn't keep up. This was rewarding to me. There wasn't anyone pushing me, nobody saying that's too slow, just me run/walking however I want. I am really looking forward to this Turkey Trot. I really want this to be something I can do for the long run (pun intended?:)). I mean everyone who lives in NYC runs! I feel so left out! So here's hoping for a rewarding trot. Until next time...(hopefully less than six months) Enjoy your turkey!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Summer!!

  It's officially summer!! (For like two days now actually, I think) Summer means so many things. Beach. Food. Tanning. Food. BBQ's. Food. Swimming. Food. Oh and did I say food?!?!? which can be a challenge but... The best thing about all this food happening is that there are a lot more healthier options frequently available. Grilled chicken, fruit salads, fresh produce, fresh berries, watermelon!!. Not that you can't have these things when it's not summer but it is certainly more fun to have these things during summer! I personally have a few goals for the summer and they include more than weight loss. 
1. Lose 20 pounds (too much? probably but aim high right?!?) 
2. Read the entire Harry Potter series 
3. Learn to play my Ukulele
I enjoy doing lists such as these so that hopefully I can check at least one (or hopefully all) off at the end of the summer. I have a few things working in my favor. For one, I am working at a camp allll summer with wee little pre-schoolers so I am sure they will keep me running around. Also my husband is not going to be with me all summer, this is a good and bad thing. Good because I can control more of what I am eating and bad because I will miss him!! Andd I am doing a children's theatre show. So in addition to running around at camp all day, I am singing and dancing my nights and weekends away! Now, since I am working at a camp I have lot's of other hours available to read my Harry Potter series, providing I read at a nice pace. (there's one check :)) Finally the Uke welll...let's say this is the one I am least confident about. It's supposed to be super easy to learn, but If you have never played an instrument it is sooo not! So we will see about that one. But I have a month worth of foot rubs from my husband riding on that one so I have extra motivation!! haha It seems I have my summer cut out for me. So I will be eating fresh, reading fast, and watching youtube tutorials. I hope all of you out there check some things off your lists this summer as well. Happy Summer!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


So what's it been like 2 months?!?! yikes!! I am a real blog-slacker. Honestly the thing is I don't like writing unless I have something good to say or a point I want to make, but that's not really the point is it? Well It is what it is I guess, I write when I feel like it. 
 So even though I haven't written doesn't mean I am not focused on my weight loss goals. I am actually more focused than ever since I took a job as a camp counselor. The job actually has a requirement written into the contract that I need to wear a bathing suit when the kids have swim time. If those words "required to wear a bathing suit" don't kick you into high gear I don't know what will. So I resorted to the 17 day diet which is really just a scripted out plan that eliminates carbs almost completely and then integrates them slowly in four cycles of 17 days. Of course this is also in addition to exercise. I like this diet because it gives you a plan to start over after you've been eating like food is being discontinued. Obviously the best way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle completely but sometimes you really need to see results as quickly as possible in order to keep going and this gives me that satisfaction. It also doesn't hurt that the summer clothes that were tight on me last year are now loose on me. I truly feel the key to keep going is not only feeling better but seeing the results, whether it's on the scale or in your clothes. Seeing results in weight loss is exactly like getting good grades, If you do the work and study (as I have learned) you will get A's...If you follow a healthy diet and exercise, you will lose the weight. I am looking forward to fitting into even more jeans that I have been saving just knowing I will once again fit into them. I am hoping this time next year this isn't even an issue and I am wearing all of those jeans I have been saving. Hopefully this action packed summer will kickstart me into gear...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easier said than done

Well it's been a while and probably because I went back to school and I've been doing a little show that's closing tonight. ( it ran during the week, weird I know) Well to be honest my eating habits are kind of on the back burner, it's really strange going back to school. It's been about five years since I was in school full time and now I remember why the "freshman fifteen" were always talked about, it's super hard to eat healthy on a day where you leave home at 8am and don't get home until 8:30 pm moving from class to class, with no fridge at school. I mean if you don't make some sort of bagged lunch you resort to vending machines or food trucks. Me, only vending machines, unfortunately food trucks gross me out a bit. Then again my food situation at home isn't much better. While my husband talks about wanting to lose weight he doesn't need to try as hard. Whenever he goes grocery shopping he doesn't buy fresh, he usually buys cheap, which is mostly things I shouldn't eat, breads, pastas, sale donuts, etc. It's not easy!! So many times i'm like "this is serious I need to lose weight" so I buy fresh, I do the gym, whatever I have to do. Then I have days well it's turned into weeks where I'm not focused, I eat what I want and I seldom visit the gym. It sucks that so many people can get away with this lifestyle that I'm beating myself up over. I know I will get back on the bandwagon but talking about it doesn't yield results. I'll just have to get a routine. That's the part that's so hard, honestly, I just don't feel like it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Un motivation

Okay well let's see I've had a bit of a sh#**y couple days not including yesterday which was valentines day! Sometimes I just have zero motivation to do anything, and it's not easy to get past because most days I have nothing to do. I am currently not working,no show,not many auditions, and haven't started school yet so If I want to slack off and do lets say ... Nothing nobody will notice either way but this gives me an easy out. I find the best thing to do for me is to wake up and immediately get going on chores, working out, whatever, but if I turn the tv on, or computer on I'm immediately un motivated. I'm hoping when I go back to school and hopefully get some sort of part time job I will feel more motivated as I will have something going on everyday. I am not a mom I don't have kids to watch so honestly most of the time I don't know what to do with myself. I've always worked and stayed super busy. If I stayed motivated I would have lost all the weight by now, biggest loser style working out eight hours a day because I can!! But I don't! I haven't ran in over a week. Im probably going to have to start the c to 5k over!! And auditions I literally have to prep every single thing the night before so I am completely ready otherwise in the morning that's my excuse not to go, it's seriously ridiculous. Someone please give me some ideas for motivation!! Or tell me a good doctor to prescribe speed...(just kidding)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hate is such a strong word..

     I remember when I was little my grandma used to say "hate is such a strong should say you strongly dislike" Now that's just fine and dandy when I am talking about some things like how I strongly dislike the fact that the heater in my apartment turns it into a sauna, or that my sink is clogged because my husband shaved a wooly mammoth off his face. Some things however, I HATE and what better place to write about them then on a blog.
Oh speaking of the word then...I HATE when people comment about grammar like Then Vs Than and Your Vs You're etc. If you do this believe me I get it but, Really?!?!? says the generation who uses things like K as an answer, LOL, JK, LMAO, oh and a fave, STFU honestly sometimes they get so out of hand that I am like what?!?? is that a university or a sorority?? I mean If I get confused with normal grammar or the almighty spell-check thinks that's what I am trying to say, we are not all editors so who cares..go work at a newspaper.
I HATE counting calories. I HATE the gym, I go but I still HATE it. I HATE waking up for an audition that starts at 10am at 6am THEN singing for about 10 I'm lying It's like a minute but you get it. I HATE when spawn of famous actors are famous, It's just not fair...while I'll admit some of them are good still It's just not fair but then again life just isn't fair. With that being said I HATE actors who are like "oh I never wanted to be an just happened" Are you kidding me?? There are thousands of non-working actors who would gladly take your place that actually want that to be there life. Go be a philanthropist somewhere. I HATE when my computer says (not responding) that's right I have a PC. Oh and ask my husband I HATE when the shower curtain gets wet because it's in the shower instead of the outside.
Facebook...I HATE you!! You want me to add people I don't like, You let people I don't like add me and YOU'RE always telling me things that make me feel bad. Like so and so is a doctor, so and so just bought a house. You shouldn't tan, not to mention all the save the animals stuff...I don't want to cry every time I come on facebook..Come On! My question is will this social networking stuff ever get old? Will we be ever be able to talk to each other normally, and have events using good ol' fashion mail invitations? well that's enough of the HATE word, It really is such a strong word...Well I am going to go get something I LOVE Fro-Yo (FR-Oz-en YO-gurt) :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Okay so this isn't much of a post but I just had to share this fabulous snack I found on this hilarious website I frequent. They are called apple "nachos". I made mine with one apple sliced thin, all natural peanut butter heated then drizzled, covered with raisins and chopped walnuts. Obviously though you can do it a zillion ways to your liking...even on the site they have a yummy example with caramel and choc chips but those aren't exactly figure friendly :) anyway I think it is a fabulous play on food... Now off to the gym...

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