Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well Hello!!

So...I know it's been like ohh six months not writing but lets be honest I never was much of a dedicated writer anyway. It's kind of like Facebook in the sense that if I don't have anything amazing to write, I won't write anything at all. I save the mopey stuff for my written diary. Anyway, the reason I am writing is because I am doing something me anyway. My friend Mallory was doing this 5K Turkey Trot (on thanksgiving :)) and asked if me and my hubs would want to join. Honestly it didn't take much pulling my arm. I like to do group stuff and I don't mind running It's just really hard for me to get motivated but once I start, I am fine. However, this will be my first actual run! My hubs started getting all crazy like ohh we got to get out there and run like 10 miles to prepare. I'm like whoa! this is my first run, I KNOW I won't even run the whole way because I never run the whole way. I already know I will be doing a run/walk. So the first prep run I went out with my husband, BIG mistake, HUGE (name that movie :)) and it was awful, because he is an awful running partner, at least right now anyway. He's the type of person who needs to be the best and smartest at everything and if he's not he gets an attitude about it. So he trotted the whole way and I think I stopped to walk three times and we did almost 3 mi. I thought hey! this isn't too bad I just have to condition myself. The next run I went by myself and what a difference! I ran so much longer and only stopped two brief times. I finished strong and didn't feel as if I couldn't keep up. This was rewarding to me. There wasn't anyone pushing me, nobody saying that's too slow, just me run/walking however I want. I am really looking forward to this Turkey Trot. I really want this to be something I can do for the long run (pun intended?:)). I mean everyone who lives in NYC runs! I feel so left out! So here's hoping for a rewarding trot. Until next time...(hopefully less than six months) Enjoy your turkey!


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